University of Chicago

About University of Chicago

The University of Chicago, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a prestigious private research university. It comprises an undergraduate college and four graduate research divisions, along with eight professional schools, including the Law School, Booth School of Business, and Pritzker School of Medicine. The university has global campuses in London, Paris, Beijing, Delhi, Hong Kong, and downtown Chicago.

A Brief History

The University of Chicago, often referred to as UChicago, was founded in 1890 through a significant financial contribution from John D. Rockefeller. Its establishment was part of a movement to create a major research university in the rapidly growing city of Chicago. The university officially opened its doors in 1892 and quickly gained recognition for its commitment to rigorous scholarship and academic freedom.

General Information

Over the years, the University of Chicago has been at the forefront of various academic disciplines and is known for its influential Chicago schools of thought in economics, law, and sociology. Its commitment to intellectual exploration, interdisciplinary research, and innovative teaching methods continues to shape its legacy as a leading institution in higher education.


Six popular courses


The University of Chicago is known for its influential economics department and the Chicago School of Economics. Students can explore courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and behavioral economics.


The University of Chicago Law School is consistently ranked among the top law schools in the United States. Courses cover diverse areas of law, including constitutional law, corporate law, and legal theory.


With a strong focus on critical thinking and interdisciplinary studies, humanities courses at UChicago encompass literature, philosophy, history, and cultural studies.

Physical Sciences

The university boasts a robust physical sciences division, offering courses in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and geophysical sciences. Students can engage in cutting-edge research in these fields.

Social Sciences

UChicago's social sciences programs include sociology, political science, anthropology, and psychology. Students delve into the complexities of human behavior and societal issues.


The Booth School of Business at UChicago is renowned for its MBA program and offers courses in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategic management.