Khon Kaen University

About Khon Kaen University

Khon Kaen University (KKU), located in the vibrant city of Khon Kaen in northeastern Thailand, is a renowned institution of higher education. With a strong commitment to research, community engagement, and academic excellence, KKU offers students a dynamic and enriching educational experience.

A Brief History

Established in 1964, Khon Kaen University has grown to become one of Thailand’s leading universities. It was founded with the mission to provide higher education opportunities to the people of northeastern Thailand, an economically significant yet historically underserved region. 

General Information

 KKU is particularly renowned for its strong emphasis on research and innovation, collaborating with national and international partners to address global challenges and advance knowledge in diverse disciplines. The university’s dedication to community engagement and sustainable development initiatives has earned it a reputation as a driving force in the region’s growth and prosperity. Khon Kaen University continues to provide high-quality education, foster critical thinking, and contribute to the betterment of northeastern Thailand and beyond.


Six popular courses

Social Sciences and Humanities

KKU provides programs in social sciences and humanities, including psychology, sociology, history, and linguistics. These courses offer students a well-rounded education and critical thinking skills.

Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences

Given its location in a region with a strong agricultural presence, KKU offers programs in agriculture, including agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal science, and agricultural economics. These courses address the needs of the local agricultural industry.

Environmental Science and Management

With a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, KKU offers programs in environmental science and management. These courses address critical issues related to environmental conservation, natural resource management, and sustainable development.

Business and Economics

The university's business school offers popular programs in business administration, economics, and related disciplines. These courses equip students with essential business skills and knowledge, preparing them for leadership roles in various industries.

Medicine and Health Sciences

KKU's Faculty of Medicine is highly regarded, offering programs in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and public health. These programs prepare students for careers in healthcare, medical research, and public health initiatives.

Science and Technology

KKU offers a wide range of programs in the sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. These courses cater to students interested in pursuing careers in research, academia, or scientific applications in various fields.