To be eligible for freshman admissions for PCCMS-UCL, an applicant must graduate from or is studying in Mathayom Suksa 6 Secondary Education of Thailand (M.6) or its equivalent under following conditions:

  • Graduated from or studying in Mathayom Suksa 6 (M.6) in Thai system school or equivalent, or
  • Grade 12 in American Education System or
  • Year 13 in British System

Eligible applicant must hold one of the following results: 

  • AS/A-Level: 3 subjects including Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics or Physics, with the minimum grade of A or
  • International Baccalaureate: 3 subjects including HL Biology, HL Chemistry, and Mathematics with the minimum grade of 6 or
  • Scholastic Assessment Test - Subject Test (SAT II) 3 Subjects including Biology-M, Chemistry, and Mathematics Level 2 or Physics, with a minimum score of 700 in each subject.

English Language Requirement

Applicants must submit one of the following English Proficiency Scores: 

  • IELTS Academic: with a minimum score of 7.0 or
  • TOEFL IBT: with a minimum score of 100

*valid 2 years after the exam date

CU Test Score (CU-TFL) - Optional

Applicants who do not hold a Thai citizenship must submit the Chulalongkorn University Proficiency Test of Thai as a Foreign Language (CU-TFL) with a superior score in each component.


Applicants must submit a 10-20 pages portfolio with the following detail:

  • Personal detail
  • Research, academic work, award, or scholarship
  • Volunteer project and extracurricular activities
  • 800-1,000 words essay with one of the following topics
  • Past failure and lessons learned
  • Past success or experiences that affect your current situation

* applicants who do not hold a Thai citizenship must submit an extra essay.

Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI)

An interview format that consists of a series of interview stations. The MMI will allows applicants multiple opportunities to showcase their skills throughout the interview

A group of teahers and students from Princess Chulabhorn College of Medical Science (PCCMS-UCL), are talking about human body with showing a human-body statue.
Source: PSCM, Chulabhorn Royal Academy